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Toots Thielemans Festival Jazz à Vienne, 1994 Photo : Pascal Kober

Toots Thielemans
Festival Jazz à Vienne, 1994
Photo : Pascal Kober

“With my little round belly, if I draw in a long note, my pants fall down !” Toots Thielemans bursts out laughing. This mischievous grandfather, born in Belgium in 1922, played with the greatest. And at more than 70, this gifted jack-of-all-trades, who has sadly recently left us, was more active than ever. On that particular day, he had given me an interview for the magazine Jazz Hot. A friendly discussion about this and that (very much, but I really mean very much) about Brazil and everything else, at times bawdy, with, as a backdrop, the music of the duo Gilberto Gil/Caetano Veloso.

This picture is published in my ABC FOR JAZZ LOVERS, the english version of myAbécédaire amoureux du jazz, a 180 pages book with a foreword by Marcus Miller, published by Snoeck and which bring together more than 200 jazz portraits took on stage and backstage all around the world for Jazz Hot magazine.

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